Central venous pressure (CVP) is a clinically significant indicator of a patient’s intravascular volume (IVV) status. Currently, the only means to accurately assess CVP is to perform invasive right heart catheterization with a pressure transducer. Jugular venous pressure (JVP), however, is a close approximation of CVP and enables opportunities for noninvasive measurements of venous pressures. We have developed a handheld device comprising of a single crystal ultrasound probe and a coupled load cell to measure JVP based on the force necessary to collapse the internal jugular vein (IJV). Proof-of-concept experiments demonstrate that single crystal ultrasound can detect the IJV in basal and collapsed states, as compared to gold-standard sonography. Assessment of JVP in six healthy human volunteers was physiologically consistent with and sensitive to various postural changes. This noninvasive assessment of JVP could prove valuable in informing rapid clinical decision-making across various pathologies and conditions of dysregulated IVV homeostasis.